Friday, 2 October 2015

How to apply precedent when statute of different state in involved?

As the Division Bench had relied on two decisions of this Court in R.C. Tiwari (supra) and Sagarmal (supra), it is necessary to refer to them. But before doing so, we have to note that many a time, a principle laid down by this Court with reference to the provisions of a particularState Act is mechanically followed to interpret cognate enactments of other States, without first ascertaining whether the provisions of the two enactments are identical or similar. This frequently happens with reference to the laws relating to rent and accommodation control, co-operative societies and land revenue. Before applying the principles enunciated with reference to another enactment, care should be taken to find out whether the provisions of the Act to which such principles are sought to be applied, are similar to the provisions of the Act with reference to which the principles were evolved. Failure to do so has led to a wrong interpretation of section 70 of the KCS Act, in Veerashiva Co-operative Bank and Karnataka Sugar Workers Federation.
Supreme Court of India
Dharappa Sangappa Nandyal vs Bijapur Co-Operative Milk ... on 26 April, 2007

Bench: G P Mathur, R V Raveendran
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