Sunday, 12 May 2013

Send Me an E-Tran

Just as the era of modern technology moves in, the era of the simple paper transcript moves out.
Aside from all the “extras” that now come along with a transcript, an E-tran is often requested.
An E-tran, also known as E-Transcript is an electronic version of a transcript compatible with a specific software program.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows the term E-tran is a specific format. I’ve found that a lot of clients say E-tran meaning to simply email the final transcript in an electronic format. While emailing a transcript is indeed the electronic format, there are many versions of electronic transcripts such as .txt ASCII, .rtf ASCII, .PDF or as I said earlier, E-tran. Most attorneys do indeed require a specific electronic format.
So, most people will simply ask for an E-tran following the deposition. This leaves us wondering, what format does the client want?
This question has been raised recently and has caused much confusion.
Here’s my attempt to try to clear things up:
E-tran is viewable with RealLegal software. PDF is viewable with Adobe. ASCII is viewable with simple notepad and the only version that can be altered.
I am sure there are many other electronic versions presently and yet still to come. Thank goodness we also have great software to keep track of all our clients’ special requests!
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