Thursday, 21 August 2014

Whether married daughter is part of father's family?

MUMBAI: A married daughter does not stop being a part of her parents' family, the Bombay high court has ruled in a landmark order.

The state's rules that discriminate against a married daughter and exclude her from the purview of the expression "family" were unconstitutional and infringed on fundamental rights, ruled a division bench of Justices Abhay Oka and A S Chandurkar in a case of transfer of a kerosene retail licence.

Ranjana Anerao had challenged a government decision in 2007 rejecting her claim to the retail licence held by her deceased mother. The minister for food and civil supplies had said that as a married daughter, she could not be considered a part of her mother's family.

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When pre-emption suit can be dismissed for non compliance of order of court?

From the combined reading of the aforestated provisions, it clearly emerges that the decrees in the pre-emption suits have to be passed in accordance with Rule 14 of Order XX of the CPC. Since the right of preemption is a very weak right, which tends to hamper the right of a person to transfer his property, the law requires very strict vigilance and compliance of the provisions contained in the said Act, when the decree is passed in favour of the plaintiff i.e. the pre-emptor. The very expression that the suit shall be dismissed, contained in the above provisions signifies the strict compliance of the directions given the decree.
S.B. Civil Revision Petition No. 141/2013
Decided On: 07.04.2014
Appellants: Rajendra Kumar Chachan
Respondent: Banne Singh
Hon'ble Judges/Coram:Bela M. Trivedi, J.

Citation: 2014 (2) WLN 457 (Raj.),AIR 2014 Raj 102
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Whether sale certificate requires registration?

 It is held by the Apex Court in the above decision made in 2007(5) SCC 745 (cited supra), that the Sale Certificate does not require registration. Consequently, the respondents are not entitled to seek for production of the said Sale Certificate for impounding the same for payment of deficit stamp duty. Accordingly, I am of the view that the impugned action in both the writ petitions are liable to be set aside

Madras High Court
D.B.Prakashchand Jain vs The Inspector General Of ... on 24 February, 2014

Citation; AIR2014 Madras 161
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10 biggest Google search milestones since 2004

I thought it might be fun to share the 10 biggest Google search milestones since 2004 that really stand out in my mind:

1. Autocomplete: We built a way for Google to predict the most likely useful words and phrases as you type, and even load search results instantly—so you can quickly get to that perfect recipe for “silky gingered zucchini soup” (even if you can’t remember the dish’s whole name). Typing out a whole phrase feels archaic.

2. Translations: Google Translate was barely a beta product ten years ago. Today people use it in 80 languages to do over a billion translations a day. Just tell Google to “translate 10 years into German” and see this magic in action.

3. Directions and traffic: Search used to be just about webpages, but our amazing Maps team made it possible to search the real world too. Now you can ask, “How far is it to Santa Cruz?” and with one tap you can open walking, biking, public transit, or driving directions—with the fastest route so you avoid traffic.

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