Monday, 3 June 2013

7 reasons for lawyers to blog

Seven reasons lawyers should blogMy goal is not to do a series of ‘Top 10′ posts, I’m just seeing some good articles I think worthy of your attention.

Here’s 7 of Kane’s reasons with a little massaging by me.
  1. Build Your Brand. Your brand consists of tangible and intangible factors that highlight your unique value and set you apart from other lawyers. Your brand is communicated through many channels, from your website and business cards to how you dress and communicate. Blogging is an excellent way to build your brand and cement your core image in the mind of your readers, colleagues and clients.
  2. Establish yourself as an expert. Blogging can help you build your professional reputation as an expert in a niche area. By becoming the “go-to” person on a specific subject, you can build your professional credibility. I have seen any number of lawyers go after a niche by dedicating themselves to covering an area of law or business, which led to not only new clients, but establishing a whole new practice.
  3. Expand your Internet presence. You may have a website, a LinkedIn profile, a Twitter account and/or a Facebook page. It’s not enough to demonstrate your passion, skill, and experience as a lawyer. It’s difficult, or impossible, to establish yourself as a thought leader with short form social media on someone else’s platform.
  4. Expand your professional network. A lawyer is only as good as the network of professionals that they can call on and collaborate with. One of the reasons lawyers join associations and attend conferences is to build their network and to learn. Blogging expands a lawyer’s professional network. By engaging readers, you can connect with like-minded professionals to exchange ideas, foster a dialogue and build relationships.
  5. Guide and inform others. Being a lawyer is a privilege, and with it should come some obligation to give — and to share. Blogging is an excellent way to help others by providing guidance, advice, expertise and resources to your readers. While helping others is intrinsically rewarding, it also enhances your credibility as a trusted and reliable authority.
  6. Land new opportunities. Lawyers who have blogged well for a period of time will tell you of speaking engagements, invitations to conferences and special events, opportunities to write for other publications, guest blogging offers, and a host of other opportunities that arose from their blogging. For some it’s led to job offers that were too good to turn done.
  7. Influence others. Lawyers are experts at persuading others. Some lawyers use their blogs to influence the public, legislative bodies, regulatory authorities, the mainstream media, and the public at large. I can think of one lawyer on the LexBlog Network who maintains one of his blogs solely as a voice into leaders at the statehouse. Bloggers such a Bill Marler, on food safety, and Jim Walker, on cruise law, have become forces of change.
There’s any number of reasons a lawyer would want to blog, this is just a list of seven. Many lawyers blog because it;s fun and has become part of the fabric of their lives.
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