Sunday, 29 November 2015

Procedure for launching prosecution as per S 42 of food safety Act 2006

42. Procedure for launching prosecution.
(1) The Food Safety Officer shall be responsible for inspection of food business,
drawing samples and sending them to Food Analyst for analysis.
(2) The Food Analyst after receiving the sample from the Food Safety Officer shall
analyse the sample and send the analysis report mentioning method of sampling and analysis
within fourteen days to Designated Officer with a copy to Commissioner of Food Safety.
(3) The Designated Officer after scrutiny of the report of Food Analyst shall decide as
to whether the contravention is punishable with imprisonment or fine only and in the case of
contravention punishable with imprisonment, he shall send his recommendations within
fourteen days to the Commissioner of Food Safety for sanctioning prosecution.
(4) The Commissioner of Food Safety shall, if he so deems fit decide, within the
period prescribed by the Central Government, as per the gravity of offence, whether the
matter be referred to,–
(a) a court of ordinary jurisdiction in case of offences punishable with
imprisonment for a term up to three years; or
(b) a Special Court in case of offences punishable with imprisonment for a
term exceeding three years where such Special Court is established and in case no
Special Court is established, such cases shall be tried by a Court of ordinary
jurisdiction. 40
(5) The Commissioner of Food Safety shall communicate his decision to the
Designated Officer and the concerned Food Safety Officer who shall launch prosecution
before courts of ordinary jurisdiction or Special Court, as the case may be; and such
communication shall also be sent to the purchaser if the sample was taken under section 40. 
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