Thursday, 14 July 2016


Ahmedabad: Gujarat high court has directed all lower courts to continue with trial and pronouncement of final verdict even if the undertrial persons are absconding and do not attend court proceedings.

Under instructions of the Chief Justice RS Reddy the registrar general of the HC has issued a circular for all judicial officers of the state to follow the provisions of sections 299 and 353(6) of the Criminal Procedure Code. These provisions allow the court to conduct trial and record evidence in absence of the accused person, and to deliver final verdict too.

Sources said that absconding accused persons as well as those undergoing trial who are not present in court regularly delay legal proceedings. This results in increasing of backlog. To reduce case pendency and expedite the process of justice, the high court has directed all judges of the lower courts to "follow in letter and spirit" provisions of the CrPC sections.

At present, there are more than 22 lakh cases pending in Gujarat courts, most of them are criminal cases. The high court, like all other high courts and the Supreme Court, has been taking various measures to reduce the backlog so that the judicial system can function more effectively.
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  1. If one FIR is registered u/s 395,398 etc session triable against 10 accused and out of them 3 accused are arrested and there after case is committed to session court .session court started trial and partly evince of prosecution. There after more 3 accused arrested and committed to session court what procedure seasons court has to fallow . If case against 6 accused finally decided and there after if remaining accused are arrested what procedure session court have to follows ? Is there any guide line from High Court of Gujarat? Whether High court of Gujarat has taken care of this type circumstances .