Sunday 15 January 2012


                        ANY THING PENDING WITH GOVT.?

            If your ordinary application is long pending with any government dept/office or you are not getting satisfactory replies/action, or bribe is being demanded, you can lodge application under THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT   and ask for following information/papers:

List of information/papers required vide my application dated_______ under The Right to Information Act 2005 in connection with my representation dated _____ [copy enclosed] relating to _________(subject):

01. Date of receipt of said representation by your office and its inward number.

02. Daily progress from date of receipt till date of this application.
03. Names, designations, email IDs, official mobile numbers and office addresses of the officials with whom my representation was lying during this period and date wise period with each official and details of action taken by him/her.

04. Please give evidence of receipt and dispatch of my application in the offices of each of these officials.

05. Please inform me, according to your rules or citizens charter or any other order or public service enactment, number of days in which  matter of representation should have been dealt with and resolved. Please also provide a copy thereof.

06. If the officials/employees have not adhered to the time limit mentioned in rules and are guilty of violating these rules, please give a copy of their conduct rules and details of action taken by the controlling authority against erring officials/employees.

07. In case no action has been initiated for dereliction of duties against erring  officials, the reasons on record be made known to me, with name and contact details of controlling authority of these officials/employees. [Ref: section 4.1.d of RTI Act]

08. Please let me know present status and date by which this matter will be completely resolved.

09. Please provide me certified photocopy of file notings held on my said representation.

10. Please inform me number of complaints which were received against your office in last one year or last financial year.

11. Please inform me number of employees of your office against whom disciplinary/departmental action was initiated in last one year or in last financial year for dereliction of duties.

12. Please inform me name, postal and email address, phone numbers and website details  of Chief Secretary of ministry or state department to which your organization reports.

13. Please inform me name, designation and official address of Nodal Officer designated to receive and decide on notices under section 80 of CPC relating to your office.

14. Delay is one of the main causes of corruption in India. Please inform me name, designation of head of vigilance department, his address, email ID and phone/mobile number to whom complaint can be lodged by me.

15. Please also provide me file notings and action taken report on this RTI application along with your reply.

16. Please permit me inspection of relevant records with assistant of my choice.

Name:___________________                 Signature of Applicant

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