Thursday 5 April 2012

Advantage of written arguments

  • You can be free from worry that your lawyer will miss out any point during the argument.
  • It is difficult to get senior lawyer to the courts as they are always busy in some other court and keeps giving excuses and keeps taking adjournments.
  • If it is an oral argument then judge normally writes down points. He himself can miss few points but written arguments are safe.
  • You can add table, graphs, citations etc to make written argument very effective which is not possible in case of oral argument.
  • You can add as many citations as part of the written arguments to make it effective.
  • In fact there is no particular format specified for the written argument.
  • You might have 10 points to be conveyed to the judge in oral arguments. In which lawyer may convey only 7 points and judge may note down only 5 points. So you may lose the vital points which you could have conveyed to the Judge.
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