Sunday 8 April 2012

domestic violence Act

Rajendra gupta v.payal dated 29th july2010 delhi high court.
Shelter of indian culture and joint family cannot be taken to book only relatives of boy.The act of marry a person settled abroad is a voluntary act of the girl.After having chosen a person living abroad putting the responsibility,after failure of marriage on the shoulders on his parents and making them criminals in the eyes of law because matrimonial ties between the two could not last for long does not sound either legally correct or morally correct. How can the parents of a boy who is working abroad,living abroad, an adult free to take his own decisionsss be arrayed as criminals or respondents if the marriage between him and his wife failed due to any reason for the purpose of domestic violence Act,where the object is to protect a woman from domestic violence,family has to be defined as a collective body of persoons who live in one house under head or management.Where parents live separate from their son like other relative,the family of son cannot include his parents.
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