Sunday 29 April 2012

mobile companies need to deliver banking sms within 10 seconds

Almost all of us use sms alerts on mobile of the banking transactions. We often realise the time duration between the banking transaction and the sms alert. Even some sms comes the next day and some don't come even the transaction amount is high. We think that this is the fault of banks but this is the fault of mobile companies. They don't care about the security and the usefulness of the sms alerts to the customers.

Now TRAI made it mandatory for all mobile companies to deliver sms alerts to the customers with in 10 seconds from the transaction time. This is the very good feature and will be very handy for bank account safety and clean and clear process.

Mobile is the main device in use and once we get all the alerts timely, it can helps a lot. So this is the welcome step from TRAI. Happy Banking.

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