Thursday 23 August 2012

compromise partition decree can not be declared as invalid on the ground that it not engrossed on stamp paper

Raghubir Sahu v. Ajodhya Sahu and Ors. AIR (32) 1945 Patna, 482 wherein the learned Judges have held:
"In the present case, the decree was passed on compromise. It was admitted that by the compromise, the properties allotted to the share of each party were clearly specified and schedules of properties allotted to each were appended to the compromise petition. Therefore, no further inquiry was at all necessary. In such circumstances, the decree did not merely declare the rights of the several parties interested in the properties but also allotted the properties according to the respective shares of each party. Therefore, it was not a preliminary decree but it was the final decree in the suit. A compromise decree in a partition suit allotting specific parcels to the parties is a final order for effecting partition : 9 Luck 270. There being already a final decree, the only thing that remained to be done was to engross it on a stamped paper under Article 45, Stamp Act, 1899. The decree to be engrossed on the stamp will bear the date of the decree, 17th December, 1921, and will declare the position of the parties in respect of the properties on that date. There is no time limit prescribed by the statute for the engrossment of a partition decree on stamp of requisite value. In fact no date was fixed by the Court for the purpose. Therefore, mere engrossment of the decree on stamped paper of the requisite value will not in any way affect the interest of the parties in respect of the properties though, changes may have taken place in regard to the properties since the decree was made on 17th December, 1921. The only effect of engrossment of the decree on stamped paper would be that it will be rendered legally effective which it is not until so engrossed."
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