Tuesday 21 August 2012

How to protect yourself from phishing attack?

Phishing is a type of internet fraud in which criminals send emails that appear to come from your bank to get you to enter passwords and account details on a fake version of your bank’s website. Look for the following telltale signs to spot a phishing email:
    1. Generic greetings such as ‘Dear customer’. If your bank sends you official mail, it should have your full name.
      Threats to your account and requests for immediate action. Most companies want you as a customer and are not likely to be so quick to lose your business.
      Requests for personal information. Most businesses didn’t ask for personal information by phone or through e-mail even before phishing became widespread.
      Suspicious links. Links that are longer than normal, contain the @ symbol or are misspelled could be signs of phishing. It’s safer to type the business’s URL into your browser than to click on any link sent in an email.
      Misspellings and poor grammar.
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