Saturday 24 May 2014

Tips for successful Trial of cases

This weekend was a very happy event for all of us... My kid brother married the love of his life, and we had an AMAZING time in  spending time with friends and family, celebrating their happy event.
Two quick lessons from the wedding...
One, is the power of primacy. Even though he's a grown man (taller than I am, even), I still have a picture in my mind of him as a little kid. That's because strong, powerful, early images that we view of something (or someone) have a profound impact in how we view every other aspect of that. Some of the strongest images in my head are from when he was a little kid, so it defines how I view him. The only way to overcome that initial power of primacy is to create a MORE powerful image. This is why opening statement is so important, and why it's so difficult to overcome a bad first impression.
Second, is the power of checklists.
Because of a few problems with our flights (including an emergency turnaround), we almost missed the wedding.
Whenever we fly, I'm reminded of my grandfather, who was a B-25 Mitchell pilot during World War II and then enjoyed flying privately for years and years afterward.
My grandfather always emphasized the importance of checklists when flying. If one his planes didn't pass every item on the multi-page inspection sheet, the plane didn't take off.
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