Wednesday 4 June 2014


NEW DELHI: Now, construction companies and private developers will face cancellation of licence for not paying minimum wages to construction workers. Noticing large-scale violations of its minimum wages order, the labour department of Delhi government has issued another order making it mandatory for all companies and contractors to pay minimum wages by cheque or electronic cash transfer to workers and declare it on the website of companies.

All joint labour commissioners have been made responsible of ensuring that orders are complied with. Transactions between the employer and employee will be verified when licences under Contract Labour Act 1970 are renewed and if violations are found the licence will be cancelled.

The state has decided on a 90-day time period for all employers to ensure payment of wages. To ensure compliance at time of issuance of registration certificate and licence under Contract labour Act, a checklist has been prepared. All licensing officers have to follow this checklist.

The office order of the labour department opens with a statement saying, though the labour department has been revising minimum wages from time to time on basis of consumer price index number, there are large-scale violations regarding non-payment of the notified minimum rates of wages.

"The department has received a large number of complaints from various trade unions, workers and even from the offices of the labour minister and chief minister," it is stated in the order.

Public advertisements have been issued by the department in various newspapers for creating awareness among employers. The contractors shall facilitate workers in opening their bank accounts. Every employer shall upload details of the category of workmen employed, wages being paid and other statutory records on their respective websites within 90 days from date of issue of this order.

In case the contractor does not have his own website, this information shall be uploaded by the principal employer on his website till the contractor uploads it on his. Hard copies of all the transactions must be submitted by the employer and contractor to the registering and licensing officer of the labour department.

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