Saturday 13 September 2014

What is At par cheque?

At par cheque is a cheque on which no charge is deducted by the bank for crediting to your account, even if your account is in a branch that is in a different city from where the cheque is issued. 
For example, if your account is in Mumbai, and a company with its account in Delhi gives you a cheque, the Bank will charge certain amount from the cheque, as the cheque will have to be sent to Delhi to get cleared. 

However, with the networking of branches of most banks, it is possible to get the cheque cleared without sending it to the issuing branch. 

So, many private and some public sector banks are issuing at par chequebooks to their account holders. This means that you can pay a bill in Delhi by cheque even if your account is in some different city. The receiver of the cheque will not have to pay any charge on the credit of the cheque, meaning that he will be more willing to accept your cheque.
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