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Whether insurance company can refuse to renew policy only because insured has contracted disease during period of policy?

Respondents though were not entitled to automatic renewal, but indisputably, they were entitled to be treated fairly. We have noticed hereinbefore some of the clauses contained in the prospectus as also the insurance policy. When a policy is cancelled, the conditions precedents therefor must be fulfilled. Some reasons therefor must be assigned. When an exclusion clause is resorted to, the terms thereof must be given effect to. What was necessary is a pre-existing disease when the cover was inspected for the first time. Only because the insured had started suffering from a disease, the same would not mean that the said disease shall be excluded. If the insured had made some claim in each year, the insurance company should not refuse to renew insurance policies only for that reason. The words `incepts for the first time' as contained in clause 4.1 as also the words `continuous and without break' if the renewal premium is paid in time, must be kept in mind as also the reasons for cancellation as contained in clause 7(1)(n) thereof.
65. Renewal of a medi-claim policy subject to just exceptions should ordinarily be made. But the same does not mean that the renewal is automatic. Keeping in view the terms and conditions of the prospectus and the insurance policy, the parties are not required to go into all the formalities. The very fact that the policy contemplates terms for renewal, subject of course to payment of requisite premium, the same cannot be placed at par with a case of first contract.
Supreme Court of India
United India Insurance Co. Ltd vs Manubhai Dharmasinhbhai Gajera & ... on 16 May, 2008

Bench: S.B. Sinha, V.S. Sirpurkar
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