Friday, 31 August 2018

Provisions of CPC regarding place of institution of suit

S 16 of CPC:- Suits are to be instituted where immovable property is situated.

S 19 of CPC:- Where a suit  is for compensation for wrong done  to the  person or to movable property ,if wrong was done within the local limits of jurisdiction of one court and defendants resides,or carries on business or personally works for gain within the local limits of jurisdiction of another court,suit may be instituted at the option of plaintiff in either of said courts.

S 20 Other suits to be instituted where defendants reside or cause of action arises.
Explanation: A corporation shall be deemed to carry on business at its sole or principal office in India or in respect of any cause of action arising at any place where it has also a subordinate office,at such place.

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