Saturday 15 June 2019

Whether execution of document can be proved if only signature of person on document is proved?

Under Section 67 of the Evidence Act execution of document has to be proved, which denotes a conscious act of subscribing to a document. In order to prove the execution of a document it must be shown that the person executing it consciously subscribed to it in the sense that he put his mark or signature on it after having known and understood its contents. Mere proof that the person's signature appears on the document cannot, by itself, amount to execution of the document. It is also settled that if an illiterate person affixes his thumb mark to a document, the onus to prove that the document was properly explained to the person affixing his thumb mark so as to make him understand its true import is on the person relying on the document.

Madhya Pradesh High Court
Ramjan Khan And Ors. vs Baba Raghunath Dass And Ors. on 5 December, 1990

Bench: S Dubey.
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