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Notes on Presidency Small Cause court Act 1882

27. Decree-holder to accompany officer executing warrant.—Whenever the Small Cause Court issues a warrant for the arrest of a judgment-debtor or the attachment of his property, the decree-holder, or some other person on his behalf, shall accompany the officer of the Court entrusted with the execution of such warrant, and shall point out to such officer the judgment-debtor or the property to be attached, as the case may be.
31. Execution of decree of Small Cause Court by other Courts.—If the judgment-debtor under any decree of the Small Cause Court has not, within the local limits of its jurisdiction, movable property sufficient to satisfy the decree, the Court may, on the application of the decree-holder, send the decree for execution—
(a) in the case of execution against immovable property situate within such local limits— [to the Madras City Civil Court or the High Court of Judicature at Fort William or Bombay, as the case may be];
(b) in all other cases—to any Civil Court within the local limits of whose jurisdiction such judgment-debtor, or any movable or immovable property of such judgment-debtor, may be found.
Procedure when decree transferred.—The procedure prescribed by the Code of Civil Procedure (14 of 1882) for the execution of decrees by Courts other than those which made them shall be the procedure followed in such cases.

Chapter VII

41. Summons against person occupying property without leave.—When any person has had possession of any immovable property situate within the local limits of the Small Cause Court's jurisdiction and of which the annual value at a rack-rent does not exceed [two] thousand rupees, as the tenant, or by permission, of another person, or of some person through whom such other person claims,
and such tenancy or permission has determined or been withdrawn,
and such tenant or occupier or any person holding under or by assignment from him (hereinafter called the occupant) refuses to deliver up such property in compliance with a request made to him in this behalf by such other person,

such other person (hereinafter called the applicant) may apply to the Small Cause Court for a summons against the occupant, calling upon him to show cause, on a day therein appointed, why he should not be compelled to deliver up the property.
48. Proceedings to be regulated by Code of Civil Procedure.—In all proceedings under this Chapter, the Small Cause Court shall, as far as may be and except as herein otherwise provided, follow the procedure prescribed for a Court of first instance by the Code of Civil Procedure (14 of 1882).
49. Recovery of possession no bar to suit to try title.—Recovery of the possession of any immovable property under this Chapter shall be no bar to the institution of a suit in the High Court for trying the title thereto.
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