Thursday, 13 May 2021

Questions and Answers on law part 23

 Q 1:- Whether easement can be suspended?

Ans:- Section 49 in The Indian Easements Act, 1882

49. Suspension of easement.-An easement is suspended when the dominant owner becomes entitled to possession of the servient heritage for a limited interest therein, or when the servient owner becomes entitled to possession of the dominant heritage for a limited interest therein.
Q 2:- What is meaning of cognizance of  offence?
Ans:- Cognizance of offence means that Magistrate has come to conclusion that there is a case to be inquired into.The word cognizance is used to indicate the point when Magistrate or Judge first takes Judicial notice of offence. Taking cognizance is judicial application of mind by Magistrate to facts mentioned in the complaint with a view to take further action.
Q 3:- What is difference between approver and accomplice?
Ans: The difference between approver and accomplice is that approver is always an accomplice where as an accomplice is not necessarily an approver as an accomplice or co-accused becomes an approver after he has been tendered a pardon or granted concession on the condition that he will reveal the truth and will not hide anything in relation to offence or offences which he and other accused are alleged to have committed.
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