Friday 17 September 2021

Questions and answers on law Part 31

 Q 1:- Which orders can be challenged before session court in criminal revision?

Ans:-  There are three categories of orders that a court can pass—final, intermediate and interlocutory. There is no doubt that in respect of a final order, a court can exercise its revision jurisdiction—that is in respect of a final order of acquittal or conviction. There is equally no doubt that in respect of an interlocutory order, the court cannot exercise its revision jurisdiction. As far as an intermediate order is concerned, the court can exercise its revision jurisdiction since it is not an interlocutory order.{Para 16}

Supreme Court of India
Girish Kumar Suneja vs Cbi on 13 July, 2017
1) Final Order Example
Dismissal of complainant
2) Intermediate orders
Framing of charge
Issue process
Directing investigation under section 156(3) of CRPC.
3) Interlocutory order
Summoning and Recalling witness.
Refusing to pass the order U/S156(3) of CRPC. Instead to keep the matter for verification of the complainant under section 200 CRPC.

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