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Whether a party can claim protection from demolition if he has not complied with requirements of Gunthewari Act?

  As far as Second Appeal Nos. 48 of 2018,35 of 2018, 37 of 2018 & Second Appeal (ST) no.2243 of 2019 are concerned, learned counsel for the appellant would urge that Gunthewari Act prescribes a procedure for regularisation of unauthorised properties at the behest of holder of such unauthorised plots/structures.According to him, amongst other, concerned plot holder is required to place on record documentary proof of ownership or lawful possession of plot, existing lay out plan, plan of existing construction of such plot,rectification plan, an undertaking by the applicant to rectify uncompoundable infringements and demand draft of scheduled bank to cover the amount due as compounding fee and development charges. According to him, as far as appellants in the aforesaid four appeals are concerned, appellant has submitted an application for compounding alongwith location plan of the proposed site and also deposited the amount of compounding fees as is acknowledged by receipt no.1896 issued on 21/01/2010. {Para 10}

12. Learned counsel for the respondent-Corporation, Mr. Patil and other respondents would support the judgment of the Courts below, as according to them, both the Courts below have rightly held that the suit was not maintainable in view of bar under Section 433(A) of the Act.

13. By inviting attention of this Court on the various documents in the backdrop of pleadings, the submissions are, the appellant is trying to take disadvantage of certain procedural steps taken by erstwhile owner. According to him, even if presuming certain steps taken by erstwhile owner under the Gunthewari Act, for regularisation of the structure, the corresponding responsibility and the compliances are not reported. As such, the appellants are trying to take disadvantage of their own fault. As such, it is prayed in the given set of facts and documentary evidence on record, the suit is rightly held to be not maintainable

15. The appellant has placed on record acknowledgment depicting payment of Rs. 5275/- on 21/01/2010 under the head of Gunthewari for regularisation. However, this Court is required to take note of the fact that predecessor of the appellant on 16/05/2002 was served with a notice to comply with requirement under the Gunthewari Act and subsequent thereto, certain compliance not stricto sense in accordance with under Section 4 of the Act were sought to be relied. It appears that appellant after payment in 2010, has not complied with other terms of Gunthewari Act. Rather the appellant is trying to shift burden on respondent-Corporation to carve out the case of nullity in law for the issuance of impugned notice by the Corporation.

16. This Court has already observed that appellant cannot take undue advantage of its own wrong as appellant was not diligent in pursuing its case of regularisation under the Gunthewari Act.

18. Admittedly, there is no sanction from the Planning Authority i.e. respondent-Corporation to the structure in question and that being so, the appellant has come out with a case that regularisation proceedings were taken recourse to under Gunthewari Act.

20. Rather the documents produced on record demonstrates that except moving an application, no further steps are taken by the  appellant. Rather the plans which were called by the respondent- Corporation were not submitted. On one hand, the appellant is not pursuing the claim under the Gunthewari Act and on other hand are trying to take disadvantage of their own shortfall.

21. In the aforesaid background, considering the conduct of the appellant, the claim as is sought to be put-forth, based on the judgment in the matter of Akola Municipal Corporation and Yogesh Gada cited supra cannot be termed to be of no assistance. 

26. In view of the aforesaid observations that the predecessor- in-title of the appellant namely Shelke or the appellant himself has not complied with further requirement under the Gunthewari Act, the said ground of seeking protection under the Provisions of Gunthewari Act is not available to the appellant.

27. In the aforesaid background, in my opinion, the view expressed by both the Courts below of non-maintainability of suit, in view of statutory embargo under Section 433 (a) of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act appears to be just and proper.

Bombay High Court
Sau.Sulochana Kantilal Shelke ... vs Shri.Prashant Pannalaji ... on 18 February, 2020

Bench: Nitin W. Sambre
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