Thursday 22 June 2023

What is difference between 7/12 Extract,Property card and sanad?

 Both the 7 12 extract and property card provides property information. However, there is a thin line of difference between 7 12 extract and property card. When your land property is located in a municipal area and has a city survey number, the details of the property’s transfers of ownership/ transactions are usually recorded in the property card, which the owner can obtain from the city survey office after submitting an application and the required fee.

When land property is located beyond the authority of the municipal council and is agricultural land, the owner of the land property can obtain a 7/12 extract of his respective Survey number or Gat number from the Talathi or Revenue office.

Sanad is the conversion process of agricultural land into a non-agricultural one. When such conversion is desired, the landowner must file an application to be able to obtain a Sanad certificate.

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