Friday 15 December 2023

Important Notes on family law (Part 4)


1) What are essentials of valid adoption of child as per provisions of Hindu adoption and maintenance Act?

2) Scope of applicability of the Indian Evidence Act to the Family Courts.

3)  What factors the court should consider while passing an order for custody of minor child?

4) Under what circumstances the court can pass protection order and residence order under Domestic violence Act?

5) What is procedure for execution of an order for maintenance U/S 125 of CRPC?

6) What is the difference between judicial separation and divorce?

7) What are powers and limitations of natural guardian of a Hindu minor ?

8) Supreme Court: Factors to be considered by the court while directing wife to undergo DNA test to determine paternity of a child

9) How the courts should pass orders as to disposal of property u/s. 27 of The Hindu Marriage Act?

10) Recognition and enforcement of foreign divorce decrees in India

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