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Whether jurisdiction of civil court is barred in respect of recovery of loan by co-operative society?

The settlement of disputes including the recovery of loan by a society from its members or sureties lies with the Co-operative Court. The Civil Court has no jurisdiction to try and entertain the suit in regard to the dispute which fall both in the purview of sub-section (1) of Section 91 of the Act. Section 92 regulates the period of limitation for different types of disputes mentioned in it and the disputes of the nature as provided in Section 91 has to be tried as a suit by the Co-operative Court as a Civil Court. Section 94 lays down the procedure for settlement of disputes and power of Co-operative Court. The Co-operative Court or the Registrar or the authorized person, as the case may be, if satisfied on inquiry or otherwise that a party to such dispute or the person against whom proceedings are pending under Section 88, with intent to defeat, delay or obstruct the execution of any award or the carrying out of any order that may be made is empowered to direct additional attachment of the property under Section 95. Any party aggrieved by any decision of the Co-operative Court or order passed by the Co- operative Court or the Registrar or the authorized person under Section 95 is at liberty to file appeal before the Co- operative Appellate Court under Section 97Section 98 provides that orders mentioned therein if not carried out on a certificate signed by the Registrar or the Co-operative Court or a liquidator shall be executed in the same manner as a decree of civil court and shall be executed in the same manner as a decree of such court or be executed according to law and under the Rules for the time being in force for the recovery of arrears of land revenue. 
Supreme Court of India
Greater Bombay Co-Op. Bank Ltd vs M/S United Yarn Tex. Pvt. Ltd. & Ors on 4 April, 2007

Bench: B. N. Agrawal, P. P. Naolekar, Lokeshwar Singh Panta

           CASE NO.:
Appeal (civil)  432 of 2004
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