Sunday, 10 December 2017

Whether possession of tenant becomes lawful if landlord does not proceed with eviction suit?

We have already referred to Bhawanji Lakhamshi and Ors. v. Himatlal Jamnadas Dani and Ors. (supra) wherein this Court held that the act of holding over after the expiration of the term does not create a tenancy of any kind. A new tenancy is created only when the landlord assents to the continuance of the erstwhile tenant or the landlord agrees to accept rent for the continued possession of the land by the erstwhile tenant. The contention of Mr. L.N. Rao that the landlord's assent should be inferred from the conduct of the landlord who had filed the suit for ejectment, but did not pursue the same, has no force. This suit was withdrawn with liberty to file a fresh suit on the same cause of action, liberty which the Court has granted. The possession of this site by the erstwhile lessee does not ripen into a lawful possession merely because the landlord did not proceed with the suit for ejectment at that time, but reserved the right to bring such a suit at a later point of time. That cannot amount to an assent on his part to the continued occupation of the landlord under cover of a right asserted by the erstwhile lessee. 

Writ Petition Nos. 6923 and 6924 of 2016

Decided On: 14.06.2017

Vimal Sudarshan Bafna Vs. The State of Maharashtra and Ors.

Hon'ble Judges/Coram:
R.V. Ghuge, J.
Citation: 2017(6) MHLJ 227
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