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Notes on offence of Forgery

Forgery(S 463 of IPC)
Whoever makes any false document or a false electronic record or part of a document or electronic record with the intent:
a) to cause damage or injury to public or to any person,or to cause any person to part with property or to enter into any contract(express or implied),or
b) to support any claim or title,or
c)to commit fraud,or
d)that fraud may be committed,
commits forgery.

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Making a false document or electronic record(S 464 of IPC)
A person is said to make a false document or false electronic record-

First- Who dishonestly or fraudulently-
a) makes, signs, seals or executes a document or part of document;
b) makes or transmits any electronic record of part of any electronic record;
c) affixes any electronic signature on any electronic record;
d) makes any mark denoting the execution of a document or the authenticity of electronic signature with intent of causing it to be believed that such document or part of document,electronic record or electronic signature was made,signed,sealed, executed transmitted or affixed by or by the authority of person by whom or by whose authority he knows that it was not made,signed,sealed,executed or affixed.
S 466. Forgery of record of court or of public register,etc
S 467.Forgery of valuable security,will etc
S 468. Forgery for purpose of cheating
S 469.Forgery for purpose of harming reputation
S 470 Forged document or electronic record
S 471.Using as genuine a forged document or electronic record:-Whoever fraudulently or dishonestly uses as genuine any document or electronic record which he knows or has reason to believe to be forged document or electronic record shall be punished in the same manner as if he had forged such document or electronic record.
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