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Whether court can permit payment of compensation to victim of crime by installment?

Power of Courts to award compensation is not ancillary to other sentences but it is in addition thereto. This power was intended to do something to re-assure the victim that he or she is not forgotten in the criminal justice system. It is a measure of responding appropriately to crime as well of reconciling the victim with the offender. It is, to some extent. a constructive approach to, crimes. It is indeed a step forward in our criminal justice system. We, therefore,recommend to all Courts to exercise this power liberally so as to meet the ends of justice in a better way.
The payment by way of compensation must, however, be reasonable What is reasonable, may depend upon the facts and circumstances of each case. The quantum of compensation may be determined by taking into account the nature of crime, the justness of claim by the victim and the ability of accused to pay. If there are more than one accused they may be asked to pay in equal terms unless their capacity to pay varies considerably. The payment may also vary depending upon the acts of each accused. Reasonable period for payment of compensation, if necessary by installments, may also be given. The Court may enforce the order by imposing sentence in default.
Supreme Court of India
Hari Kishan & Anr vs Sukhbir Singh & Ors on 25 August, 1988
Equivalent citations: 1988 AIR 2127, 1988 SCR Supl. (2) 571
Bench: Shetty, K.J.
1988 AIR 2127 1988 SCR Supl. (2) 571 1988 SCC (4) 551 JT 1988 (3) 711
1988 SCALE (2)426.
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