Tuesday 19 May 2020

Important Judgments on maintenance U/S 125 CRPC, S 24 of Hindu Marriage Act and DV Act

1)When second wife is entitled to get maintenance? 

2)Leading Supreme Court Judgment on grant of permanent alimony

3) When husband can claim maintenance from wife?

4) Supreme Court: Amount awarded u/ S 125 of Cr.P.C. for maintenance was adjustable against amount awarded in matrimonial proceedings

5) Supreme Court: Strict proof of Marriage is not required in proceeding U/S 125 of CRPC 

6) Whether live in partner can seek maintenance under domestic violence Act? 

7) Bombay HC: Son can not refuse to pay maintenance to the mother taking a plea that his father is liable to maintain mother

8) Supreme Court: Subsequent applications for claiming maintenance U/S 125 CRPC is maintainable if first application was made within limitation


9)Whether a husband can enforce consent decree passed by Lok Adalat in which wife has waived her right to claim maintenance?

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