Saturday, 2 May 2020

Important Notes on Civil procedure Code

1) Execution of decree -Important provisions of CPC

2) Notes on Representative suit under O 1 R 8 of CPC

3) Good article on Res Judicata, stay of suit and estoppel

4) Basic concepts of CPC 4 -definitions

5) Basic concept of CPC Part 3 definitions

6) Basic concept of Restitution U/S 144 of CPC

7) Basic concepts in CPC- Legal representative and mesne profits

8) Basic concepts of CPC-S 148 to S 153B of CPC

9) Notes on Civil appeal

10) Notes on Decree as per Civil procedure Code

11) Good legal article on Obstructionist proceeding in execution of decree 

13) Notes on execution of decree- part 1


15) Provisions of CPC regarding place of institution of suit

16) Notes on S 34 of CPC- Payment of interest

17) What is difference between legal representative and legal heir?

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