Sunday 29 August 2021

On what terms Appellate court can grant stay to eviction decree?

As held by this Court in Atma Ram Properties (P) Ltd. v. Federal Motors (P) Ltd. , once a decree for eviction has been passed, in the event of execution of decree for eviction being stayed, the appellants can be put on such reasonable terms, as would in the opinion of the appellate Court reasonably compensate the decree holder for loss occasioned by delay in execution of the decree by the grant of stay in the event of appeal being dismissed. It has also been held that with effect from the date of decree of eviction, the tenant is liable to pay mesne profits or compensation for use and occupation of the premises at the same rate at which the landlord would have been able to let out the premises on being vacated by the tenant. While determining the quantum of the amount so receivable by the landlord, the landlord is not bound by the contractual rate of rent which was prevalent prior to the date of decree.

Rajasthan High Court
Amrit Kumar Garg vs Addl. Distt. Judge No. 3 And Anr. on 11 December, 2007
Citations: RLW 2008 (2) Raj 1547
Author: P S Asopa

Bench: P S Asopa
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