Saturday 24 June 2023

What is the scope of the enquiry under Order XXI, Rules 97-101, CPC ?

  In the case on hand, the obstructionists do not claim title under any one of the parties to the litigation. They set up independent title in themselves. What was filed by Dildar-Un-Nissa Begum was only a suit for partition. In a suit for partition, the Civil Court cannot go into the question of title, unless the same is incidental to the fundamental premise of the claim.{Para 113}

139. Therefore, in fine, we hold on Issue No. (i) that the judgment and preliminary decree dated 28.06.1963, though may not be vitiated by fraud, are certainly not binding upon third parties like the claim petitioners as well as the Government who have set up independent claims and that whatever was done in pursuance of the preliminary decree was an abuse of the process of law. We also hold on Issue No. (iv) that in an enquiry under Order XXI, Rules 97 to 101CPC, the Executing Court cannot decide questions of title set up by third parties (not claiming through or under the parties to the suit or their family members), who assert independent title in themselves. All that can be done in such cases at the stage of execution, is to find out prima facie whether the obstructionists/claim petitioners have a bona fide claim to title, independent of the rights of the parties to the partition suit. If they are found to have an independent claim to title, then the holder of the decree for partition cannot be allowed to defeat the rights of third parties in these proceedings.

In the Supreme Court of India

(Before V. Ramasubramanian and Pankaj Mithal, JJ.)

Civil Appeal Nos. of 2023

Trinity Infraventures Ltd. and Others Vs M.S. Murthy and Others.

Citation: 2023 SCC OnLine SC 738.

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