Sunday 28 April 2024

Whether the court can suspend the sentence of convict if he is ready to pay compensation to victim?

Having observed and held as above, we are deeply peeved on perusing the impugned judgment, for the same reflects only non-application of mind and non-consideration of the relevant factors despite the fact that the case involved an acid attack on a young woman resulting into permanent disfiguration. In the case on hand, a scanning of the impugned order would reveal that what mainly weighed with the Court is the offer made on behalf of the convicts that they would give a payment of Rs. 25 lakhs through demand drafts, taking into account the evidence that the victim had incurred an amount of Rs. 21 lakhs for her treatment. Paragraph 10 of the impugned order would reveal that taking note of the said offer besides the period of incarceration and also the delay likely to occur in the consideration of appeal, sentence imposed was suspended and the private Respondents were enlarged on bail. 

11. We have no hesitation to hold that the impugned order is infected with non-application of mind and non-consideration of the relevant factors required for invocation of power Under Section 389 in the light of the settled position of law. An acid attack may completely strip off the victim of her basic human right to live a decent human life owing to permanent disfiguration. We have no hesitation to hold that in appeals involving such serious offence(s), serious consideration of all parameters should be made. Even a cursory glance of the impugned order would reveal the consideration thereunder was made ineptly. The serious nature of the offence involved was not taken into account besides the other relevant parameters for the exercise of power Under Section 389, Code of Criminal Procedure.

 13. The impugned order passed by the High Court is perused.

Specifically the order dated 21.02.2024 passed in the Correction

Application. The order does not suggest that there was any

consideration of the parameters laid down by this court for grant of bail or suspension of sentence. Instead, the High Court had noticed and directed that the convicts have offered to pay compensation to the victim for grant of suspension of sentence, which when she refused to accept, was directed to be deposited in the court. It was in a way kind of “Blood Money” offered by the convicts to the victim for which there is no acceptability in our criminal justice system.




Criminal Appeal Nos.1957-1961 of 2024

Shivani Tyagi  Vs  State of U.P. & Anr. 

Citation: MANU/SC/0353/2024, 2024 INSC 343.

Dated: April 5, 2024.

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