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Whether is basic concept of royalty as per privy council?

 In the case of (Kamakshya Narain v. I.T. Commissioner) MANU/PR/0018/1943, the Privy Council observed that the royalty is "in substance a rent; it is the compensation which the occupier pays the landlord for that species of occupation which the contract between them allows." Thus, royalty in substance is rent. It appears that the concept of royalty is to compensate a right owner of the property who permits or allows others to use his rights from his property. This concept is also understood as 'Mesne profit' in legal parlance. Strictly speaking during the tenure of contractual tenancy what is paid by the tenant to his landlord is the contractual rent. After quit notice from the date of termination of tenancy, the characteristics of the subject matter is changed to damages for use and occupation of the premises and after filing of the suit for eviction till the possession is handed over, if the decree of possession is passed in favour of the landlord, the characteristic is changed to mesne profits. To what extent the quantum changes with the change of such characteristics is for the Courts to decide which the Courts do mould according to the facts and circumstances of the case to do justice between the parties.

Chamber Summons Nos. 1539 of 2006 and 1820 of 2007 in Suit No. 1996 of 2006

Decided On: 23.04.2008

 Humayun Dhanrajgir and Ors.Vs. Ezra Aboody

Hon'ble Judges/Coram:
V.C. Daga, J.
Citation: 2009(1) ALLMR 844
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