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Whether person in wrongful possession can say that he has made no profits?

The measure of 'Mesne profits' is not what the landlord had lost by not being able to get possession, but what the user of the property meant to the defendant who was in wrongful possession. In other words, the basis for determining the quantum of mesne profit is: what the defendant might with ordinary diligence have received from the property. The person in wrongful possession cannot be heard to say that he has not utilized the property, made no profits, no rent is being derived from the property in dispute as such not liable to pay mesne profit. At the same time person in wrongful possession is not liable to realize highest possible rates of rent or profit. A plain reading of the definition of mesne profit would leave no manner of doubt that the real test to be applied is, not what the plaintiff decree holder had lost or would have earned by letting out or using the property himself, but what the person in wrongful possession, namely, with ordinary diligence would have received from it. The wrongful possession of defendant is the very essence of a claim for mesne profits. The very foundation of the defendant's liability to pay the mesne profit goes with actual possession of the land. That is to say, generally the person in wrongful possession and enjoyment of the. immovable property is liable to pay mesne profits. Thus the claim for mesne profits is virtually the claim for damages and has to be assessed by proper exercise of judicial discretion.

Chamber Summons Nos. 1539 of 2006 and 1820 of 2007 in Suit No. 1996 of 2006

Decided On: 23.04.2008

 Humayun Dhanrajgir and Ors.Vs. Ezra Aboody

Hon'ble Judges/Coram:
V.C. Daga, J.
Citation: 2009(1) ALLMR 844
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