Saturday, 9 June 2018

Notes on changes brought about by Hindu Succession( Amendment) Act,2005

Hindu succession amendment Act 2005 has brought about following important changes:

1) Equal rights for daughters- After 2005 amendment daughter of a coparcener becomes by birth, a coparcener in her own right and has same rights and liabilities as a son.

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2) Doctrine of pious obligation abolished;

3) Rights of a female in a joint family dwelling place- The earlier provision of Act under which a female heir could not demand a partition of a dwelling house wholly occupied by a joint family has now been deleted.

4) Restriction on Hindu widows in the matter of inheritance- Earlier S 24 of Act barred certain widows who had remarried from inherting. Now S 24 has been deleted and this bar has been removed.

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5) Addition of heirs in Class 1 – After 2005 amendment ,for more categories of heirs have been added in class 1 of schedule to the Act.

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