Saturday 31 December 2022

Whether claimant must prove percentage of loss of earning capacity, arising from a permanent disability in motor accident case?

 When a claimant suffers a disability as a result of such injuries and on ascertaining that the disability is of permanent nature, the assessment of compensation under the head of loss of future earnings, would depend upon the effect and impact of such permanent disability on his earning capacity. It is expected that the mechanical formulae of calculating the loss of earning capacity depending upon the percentage of permanent disability, is not to be applied as in most of the cases, the percentage of economic loss i.e. the percentage of loss of earning capacity, arising from a permanent disability will be different from the percentage of permanent disability.

Accepting the aforesaid principle, it can be seen that as far as the respondent claimant is concerned, the disability certificate has certified his disability to be 83% and the Tribunal has accepted his functional disability to be 83% and therefore, the loss of earning capacity to be 83%. However, if the claim of the claimant is that on 83% disability, he has incurred 100% functional disability, then it was imperative for the claimant to bring on record some evidence to that effect. Since the claimant suffer 83% physical disability in the present case, in order to establish that this amounted to 100% functional disability, none of the witnesses are examined by the claimant to prove the said aspect. The claimant has not projected his case before the Tribunal to the effect that on account of the permanent disability incurred by him, his functional disability is also 100%, which has resulted in loss of 100% earning capacity. In absence of any such specific evidence being brought on record, the submission of learned Advocate Ms. Nandini Chittal to that effect, do not deserve any consideration. {Para 20}


First Appeal ST No. 96999 of 2020, 

Decided On: 07.03.2022

Manager, National Insurance Co. Ltd. Vs. Nilesh Suresh Bhandari and Ors.

Hon'ble Judges/Coram:

Bharati H. Dangre, J.

Citation: MANU/MH/1455/2022.

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